Who Benefits from Private Schools in Lawrence Park?

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Private Schools in Lawrence Park
If you live in the Lawrence Park area, there are several mid-town private schools that might be a good fit for your family. Choosing a private school can be difficult as Toronto boasts some of the best educational institutions in North America! But choosing whether or not to send your child to private school is less difficult. Virtually every child can benefit from time spent at a good private school.
Who Benefits?
Good private schools are renowned for having high academic standards. But good schools also try to instill values that will have lifelong benefits for their students. And most promote finding a balance in life that includes academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities.
If you're wondering how your child might benefit from switching to private school, one of the following scenarios might be of interest:
  • Children who are working below their potential. The higher expectations at a good private school, along with the example of others working hard and achieving academically, can provide a "wake-up call” to children who have never experienced a culture that prizes academic achievement.
  • Children who are struggling academically. If your child is having difficulty, the smaller class sizes, structure, and resources of a private school can help to bring him or her up to grade level.
  • Children who are excelling academically. Excellent students may be eligible for scholarships at some schools. These children often need more challenges than the public system can provide. They may particularly benefit from a prep school, which offers all the tools necessary to start them out on a stellar university career.
  • Children who struggle socially. The structure of a private school provides children with greater opportunities to socialize while participating in a constructive activity. As well, good schools demand that students show respect for one another, helping to ensure that each student's contribution is valued.
  • Children who are less assertive.Children who are shy, or who are reluctant to speak up in class can gain new confidence in a private school atmosphere. Better schools encourage children to take risks, and this can lead to newfound competence and self-esteem.
  • Children who are natural leaders. Often leadership skills are overlooked in the public system. In a private school, the talent of natural leaders becomes evident, and can be channelled easily into school activities.
  • Athletic children. The athletic programs at superior private schools allow children far more opportunities for participation than public schools. Gifted athletes will have access to premium facilities, top-notch coaching, and a wide variety of sports.
Range of Choices
There are many schools to choose from in midtown and downtown Toronto, including prep schools, single-gender schools, French language schools, boarding schools, and more. Explore websites of Toronto private schools to find some that espouse values compatible with your family's values. Many schools host "Open House” events where you can learn more about the school as you tour the facilities. Also, enrolment officers at private schools are happy to speak to you at any time, and answer any questions you or your child may have.
Visit one of Toronto's fine private schools today. Give your child the gift of a first-class education!
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